3 thoughts on “Elgin Valley Fox Trot”

  1. Some how the race organization could not direct the 10k runners to stay on course. The 10k was short by 1/2 mile. It was the same course as last year and the course map was published and available at the start. The awards were given to runners who likely knowingly shorted the course. What a fiasco! I mentioned this to the race director and did not get an apology, she simply blamed the Elgin Police Dept.

    That total lack of crowd support was also quite sad for an event on its 40th anniversary.


    1. Hi Michael, we did learn some runners were misguided on a turn which ultimately shortened the 10K route. I learned of the situation while standing next to you and talking with Dan and Nancy Roder. I apologize for the inconvenience, and had no intentions of putting blame on EPD, was simply trying to figure out what had happened. This will certainly be addressed in next year’s planning process. I sincerely hope you return next year and have a better experience. Best regards, Barb Keselica, Special Events & Community Engagement Manager.


      1. Hi Barb, Thanks for your response. I will of course run my home town’s premier road race next year.

        Michael Seigle


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